Situational Tips For Women

We have taken a stance to empower and educate women about situational awareness and how they can avoid being easy targets of crime. We have compiled three important situational awareness tips that can save your life and the people around you.
  • Staying safe in an Uber : Uber has become a convenient mode of transport for people across the world. Most people are sceptical about using Uber due to the fear of falling victim to crime. However, there are ways you can stay safe and enjoy the ride to your destination stress free. Always sit behind the driver to enable you to defend yourself easily. Use your handbag or the seatbelt as a defence mechanism.
  • 2km from your house strategy : Be alert, switch off your car radio and concentrate on your surroundings. If you notice any vehicle behind you, don’t enter your driveway or garage. Go through around the block or take a drive on busy roads and lose them. Remember to stop your vehicle just on the inside of your gate and select reverse while waiting for the gate to close. This creates confusion and may buy you a few seconds for the gate to close completely behind you.
  • Educating and empowering your family : It is crucial that your family knows how to react in an emergency. Make sure they are fully versed on how to prevent crime and who to call in an emergency.

“She was powerful not because she was scared, but because she went on strongly despite the fear”- Atticus

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