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Dragon Protection Services. established in 1996, was founded on a solid foundation of experience and expertise in the security industry spanning 25 years. The company has since evolved into a leading specialized Protection Services provider with areas of operation nationwide. With a more holistic approach, We cater for a niche market by providing personalized safeguarding solutions, these personalised safeguarding solutions are based on assessment plans that are carried out by our team of experts. Our team of highly qualified guards and officers are managed by professional, proficient and highly competent individuals who do not settle for mediocracy.

Dragon protection services is a female owned company, level 1 BBBE and accredited security company.

Trisha Parshotam


Trisha Parshotam is currently the major shareholder and Partner of Dragon Protection Services, a company established by her husband in 1996. She heads up the marketing and sales division. Trisha has an honors degree in strategic marketing and is passionate about her brand. Having come from a corporate and retail background, her drive for being an entrepreneur overpowered both these industries.

She drives her company in this male dominated industry with vigour, product knowledge and always bearing in mind that her company forms part of a very critical and important service, within the security service and hospitality industries in this very volatile period of time in our country. She has made it her mandate to ensure that hospitality and security go hand in hand when delivering a service to her client base, while ensuring her clients needs are met at all times throughout by the various levels of her team.

Manhar Parshotam


A global leader in the security and close protection industry, following a 25 year career in security and protection. Manhar is known as an expert in risk assessment and profiling. He has completed many overt and covert assignments locally and internationally within the industry and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Today, he undertakes an operational commander role or team leading position, planning, undertaking an operation. His oversight on Dragon Protection Services has made the company grow from strength to strength. He Trains and provides new protection affairs with experience as well as risk advisory services to many local international companies and individuals.



Professional guarding services for your business. We have highly skilled and experienced guards to protect you in any situation.
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Tracking & Recovery

Safeguarding your most prized possessions is critical. We use advanced equipment and tools to track and recover your assets.
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Specialised Security

Cutting edge security solutions tailored for your unique business needs. We off a wide range of specialized services.
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We are internationally recognized and provide personalized security risk assessments. We are experts in the industry, our goal is to help business address their security concerns.
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Off Site Monitoring

Our off-site, Black Screen Monitoring systems are Ai driven. We provide world-class maintenance and installation of security monitoring systems
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Team Building

This extensive two-day Team-building initiative was created with the purpose to integrate team-spiritedness and empowerment.
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Pre Screening Employment Checks

The ultimate investigative services for businesses. We ensure total transparency and accuracy, and provide you with the answers you need.
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