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Dragon Protection Services

Specialized Security

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It is through our knowledge and experience in the industry that we are able to provide quality protection services.


We provide value to our clients by continuous training and deployment of qualified personnel.


Our goal is not just to offer protection services, but to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our people.

We Provide Specialized Security Services

Dragon Protection services provides specialised services that are customised for you specific needs. All our specialised services have one purpose: To provide comprehensive services tailored for their business, home and personal needs.

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Dragon protection services is a female owned company, level 1 BBBE and accredited security company.


High profile individuals and high risk merchandise require special security measures. Reduce the risk of theft or harm by getting our armed escorts to keep you safe wherever you go. All our armed escorts are trained to handle a firearm and are fully certified. They possess excellent observation skills that allow them to maintain a proactive stance.


Our Close Protection officers provide protection with the utmost discretion, confidentiality and trust. The officers have impeccable observation skills and can react quickly in volatile situations. Their experience allows them to easily scan the area they are protecting in order to recognise any untoward activities or behaviours. They carry out their duties with the aid of our top of the range technology to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.


All our security guards are trained and experienced to respond to high risk situations. The extensive training enables the security personnel to take over and manage a scene. They are also certified and trained to handle different types of security equipment and weaponry. We are always the first on the scene (FPOS) in the case of an emergency. We are experts at tracking and recovering goods and have advanced weapons at our disposal.


Drones are also used during the escorting of tactical deployments, monitoring of crowds, monitoring high rise situations and for gathering intel. If there is an incident where suspects are on the run, the drone can follow them and provide the authorities with useful tracking details. It can also be used to monitor areas that are dangerous and can cover a wider area. It is the cutting edge in technology. It saves time, money and resources.

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