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Dragon Protection Services

Team Building

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It is through our knowledge and experience in the industry that we are able to provide quality protection services.


We provide value to our clients by continuous training and deployment of qualified personnel.


Our goal is not just to offer protection services, but to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our people.

We Provide Team Building Services

This extensive two-day Team-building initiative was created with the purpose to integrate team-spiritedness and empowerment. It will entail combat training and activities that will educate them on how to use a firearm and eradicates the fear of using one. This not-to-be- missed experience aims to assist and equip the team by providing them with knowledge on ways to protect themselves. We believe that every employee has an invaluable contribution to your institution and that developing their strengths and enhancing their skills is pivotal.

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Dragon protection services is a female owned company, level 1 BBBE and accredited security company.

Day 1.

The hour-and-a-half long self-defence course will include a situational awareness talk by Trisha Parshotam and hands-on training that will take place at the attendees offices to equip them with skills in armed and unarmed combat. They will also learn how to disarm a situation and how to protect themselves against a perpetrator or multiple attackers. The instructors that have served in the metro police and were trained by the US government (FBI) will provide the participants with a once in a lifetime experience

Day 2.

The attendees will be introduced to firearms which will take place at a shooting range. This will allow the attendees the opportunity to overcome any fears or reservations they have regarding the use of firearms. They will also be educated on the legalities of gun use and possession as well as learning about the different types of artillery such as revolvers, rifles, AK47s and shotguns. They will be trained by experienced mentors with a military background and a well-renowned speaker to provide expert advice.

1. The employees will be better equipped to defend themselves and thus, making them feel safer.

2. It creates a motivated working environment

3. It enhances your company values of collaboration and inclusion.

4. Lastly, it shows your employees that you appreciate their efforts and contributions

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