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Dragon Protection Services


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It is through our knowledge and experience in the industry that we are able to provide quality protection services.


We provide value to our clients by continuous training and deployment of qualified personnel.


Our goal is not just to offer protection services, but to leave no stone unturned in safeguarding our people.

We Provide Armed and Unarmed Guarding Services

Our personnel at Dragon Protection Services are experienced and offer specialised services to various sectors including hospitals, hospitality, industrial and commercial.We use bloodhound monitoring and Visitrac occurrence books to provide enhanced protection.

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Dragon protection services is a female owned company, level 1 BBBE and accredited security company.

Armed Guarding

Our armed guards are fully trained and authorised to operate a firearm. They go through rigorous training to prepare them to adapt in any industry and meet specific company requirements.Our armed guarding division are staffed with highly competent individuals who are equipped to handle emergencies with professionalism and prevent threatening or possibly dangerous situations.

Unarmed Guarding

Our team of unarmed guards are experienced and are fully versed on security protocols and procedures that enable them to protect homes and businesses in various sectors. We have a range of non-lethal weaponry that are used as both a deterrent and are effective tools in protecting our clients.

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