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Expectant mother about to deliver twins among women killed in KZN’s bloody Women’s Month

We are living in a country where the number of crimes committed is greater than the number of resources to come to your aid. You are your aid

A pregnant woman who was on her way to deliver twins was among four women who were brutally attacked in separate incidents across KwaZulu-Natal.

Busisiwe Ngubo, a 35-year-old expectant mother, was found murdered a kilometre away from her home in the Ehlanzeni area in the Ubuhlebezwe local municipality on Monday.

“It is alleged she had been strangled and her body was discarded on the roadside. The victim was on the verge of delivering twins, a joyous occasion that was tragically cut short,” said provincial social development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza.

“Reports indicate Ngubo had left her residence after receiving a call from her police officer boyfriend. She had shared information with relatives on the plan and they were aware of her intentions to travel to hospital as she was about to deliver. The shocking nature of this crime has left the community reeling.”

A cashier at Engen Duzi garage on Boshoff Street in Pietermaritzburg was shot and injured and another woman was allegedly stabbed by her boyfriend, a taxi driver, in KwaMaKhutha, south of Durban. 

“The CCTV footage from the fast-food shop incident exposes a distressing truth, that there are individuals in our society devoid of empathy. There is no justification for resorting to violence, let alone using a firearm against a defenceless woman,” said Khoza 

On Monday afternoon, a man allegedly shot dead his companion at her workplace in the Blue Lagoon area before turning the gun on himself.

Marshall Security’s Tyron Powell said the private security company’s emergency dispatch centre received a series of panic activations at about 5.35pm from a client’s business premises on Stiebel Place in the Blue Lagoon area.

“Reports indicated a shooting incident at the scene. Armed response officers, along with members of Marshall Security’s special operations team and Netcare 911 paramedics, were despatched immediately.” 

“According to preliminary reports a tragic turn of events unfolded as it was alleged a female employee at the business premises was fatally shot by her companion. The individual then turned the firearm on himself, resulting in both of their deaths,” he said.

Khoza urged uncompromising action against gender-based violence (GBV). 

“These acts not only cause physical harm, but also perpetuate a culture of fear and intimidation with far-reaching societal implications,” she said.

“Our society cannot and will not tolerate such atrocities any longer. We stand united against these acts of violence and collectively strive for an environment where everyone, irrespective of gender, can live without fear.” 

Khoza said the incidents were a stark reminder of the pressing need to address GBV and to foster a culture of respect, equality and safety. 

Trisha Parshotam, CEO of Dragon Protection Services, said if the government was not going to protect women and empower them with self-defence lessons and tactical training, “South African women need to protect themselves now”.

“It shouldn’t have to be the case, but it is, until authorities implement a proper plan to fight GBV and crime. South African women are on their own.

“The need for basic knowledge on firearm safety, practical and tactical self-defence and lessons on how to get away from attackers safely cannot be understated.” 

She said as the owner of a security company, she has witnessed rising concerns over women’s safety in society.

“Violence against women continues to be a pervasive issue, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions that empower and protect women. I firmly believe self-defence lessons are an essential tool for women in South Africa to safeguard themselves and assert their right to personal safety.

” We are living in a country where the number of crimes committed is greater than the number of resources to come to your aid. You are your aid “

– Trisha Parshotam, CEO of Dragon Protection Services

“The number of women who attend my training sessions for skills to know what to do should they become a victim of crime and to escape or prevent the situation from escalating has been growing over the years. We have been inundated with requests to teach people basic safety skills in keeping with relevant crime trends. Crime in general is thriving.

“We are living in a country where the number of crimes committed is greater than the number of resources to come to your aid. You are your aid.” 

Parshotam said it was essential to acknowledge that self-defence lessons alone could not eradicate violence against women.

“We must work collectively to address the root causes and create a society where women are valued, respected, and safe. This requires comprehensive efforts, including education, awareness campaigns, legal reforms and support services for survivors.

“To ensure widespread access to self-defence lessons it is crucial for government, civil society organisations and private entities to collaborate. Public funding should be allocated to support initiatives that provide affordable or free self-defence training to women from all walks of life.

“Employers should consider incorporating self-defence programmes as part of their wellness initiatives, recognising the importance of female employees’ safety and wellbeing.”


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